You are at home, but your head and heart are on the Italian vacation you had to cancel for Covid 19?

Think positive, improve your Italian itinerary with us for when you can leave.

Add to your trip important tips on how to best choose wine, food, typical Italian meal, how to choose a good restaurant and where to buy Italian products to avoid tourist traps, places you can't miss to see, things to do and things not to do, how to move in Italy, learn laughing and joking even a few sentences and words in Italian, in short, many personal suggestions for your holiday.

Book your private session in Italian or English with Maria, who has been working in experiential tourism in the Cinque Terre for many years and has always loved welcoming and transmitting the best of Italy to our guests, not as a tourist, but as a new friend. 

Book .. Know .. Improve your next holiday in #Italy!

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